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22 thoughts on “How to Play "Sweet Home Chicago" – Blues Guitar Lesson – Bar Room Blues

  1. No one plays this like FOGHAT!!!

  2. very informitive red ,thanks chi-town James

  3. when did ron jeremy start playing guitar?

  4. how is that song sweet home chicago?

  5. Hey Red , Stormy Monday , Thrill Is Gone , now Sweet Home !
    Been playing for years and never played as well as after a few fine points from you
    THANKS MAN !!!!

  6. Didnt know that Danny Trejo plays guitar !

  7. Red; I don’t know the best place to write you with my question, so I’ll start here, and hope you see it, and can give me some further instructions.

    In some of your YT videos, you play a sliding lick that you call the " sliding sixth"; I love the sound of that, and would really like to understand and learn more completely what the music theory is that’s creating these mini-chords, so I can create them whenever I want, to go with  chords as I improvise.

    Thanks for your great lessons

  8. Ya know i’ve been kicking around the guitar for about a year now, Trying to learn to play the blues, With out much luck, & i dont know exactly what happened here but, Something just kicked in & gave me an understanding & feeling for blues, Wow. Thanks Great Lesson.!!

  9. very cool. smooth. What are you using for accompaniment?

  10. LOL…. I am always high on life and guitar!

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