cool slide guitar this is not me it is by Matt Eisenberg.

24 thoughts on “colours 12 string slide guitar

  1. you should leave a tab for this

  2. what’s the tuning?

    PS: Awesome playing :) very Alabama swampy sounding

  3. that was amazing you should upload much more vids like this it would be amazing

  4. Apart from speculation, has anybody established what instrument this guy is playing? I
    see it is a Takamine, but which model? does anybody know? love the piece.

  5. Does anyone know the name of this song?

  6. So that’s where that sound comes from….

  7. I know that, I was responding to CanadianRednex comment

  8. low quality or not, you CAN see the 12 pegs…

  9. hey what do I recognize this from.. it’s from a film right?

  10. I love how you start to play Betterman in the ending, John butler rocks, haha

  11. youtube it. this song with a hang drum in the background would be sick.

  12. this would be sick with a hang drum

  13. great incredible tone…the sound is huge dude..congratulations

  14. apparently not, "this is not me
    it is by Matt Eisenberg"

  15. apparently not, "this is not me
    it is by Matt Eisenberg"

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