Nigel North records another CD for Naxos Records. Here he plays Galliards by the Renaissance Lute composer Robert Johnson. Recorded near Toronto with producer Norbert Kraft

22 thoughts on “Nigel North Plays Lute Music by Robert Johnson

  1. Am I the only one here who thought it would be the Blues legend Robert Johnson?

  2. @nequillim That is a nasty glitch, which could damage speakers too. It would be nice if Bonproducer could re-up the video for a fresh transcode.

  3. Delicate music, beautifully played. And I might add how nice it is too see an artist take the trouble to dress nicely for a recording/video.

  4. The sheet music for this is in Serge Gerbode’s collection under RJohnson and then almain_07.pdf.

  5. sweet, Im building an electric lute, the next big thing in music mark my words.

  6. Well you should know, brother – you STOLE the music for the first off me years ago, but then I stole it back again later hehe 🙂

  7. Between Julian Bream’s modern version without any ornementation, very "dynamic" and the etheral interpretation of Konrad Junghanel for the first piece which is not a Galliard but an Almaine (called the "false Almaine") with an unexpected quick tempo.
    A good balance ! Deftly played with a great Renaissance flavour ! Nigel North is a great lute player !
    Great thanks !

  8. r u sure this isnt music by John Johnson, lutanist in the elizabethan era?

  9. Soo strong and energy with sweet and gladly, i really love it, hail from Brazil

  10. The most sophisticated lutenist of his generation – he really makes the lute sing!

  11. First time I’ve heard this version: only knew Gibbons’ for virginal (No2)…

  12. Well that can be your subjective thought, but my personal experience with Nigel is completely opposite. He is a great player and a nice guy.

  13. How do you know his lute is by Jonsson? Fine performance, anyway! 🙂

  14. Truly beautiful sound on this recording of the wonderful Mr North. Thanks for uploading.

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