Download the NEW Album "From 12 to 3" at Cover of Eric Claptons (John Mayalls Blues Breakers) version of Robert Johnsons Ramblin On My Mind. 010612 ramblin on my mind eric clapton john mayall blues breakers robert johnson blues blue guitar jay robinson gibson es-339 custom "Eric Clapton" "Robert Johnson"

9 thoughts on “Ramblin’ On My Mind – Jay Robinson – Robert Johnson – Eric Clapton

  1. thats awesome! can u make me one for $ or show me how?? I’m in c-wood! miss ur shop!

  2. Thanks! I believe I was using my homemade stomp box. Essentially, it’s a late 1800’s cigar box with a piezo Acoustic Guitar pickup built into it.

  3. wicked! are you using onea those "footdrum/stompbox" things? or just stomping hard?lol

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