Download the NEW Album "From 12 to 3" at Download this track for free at Another Blues cover for fun. sweet home chicago blues cover jay robinson robert johnson fender excelsior amp gibson es339 es 339 Guitar one man band

6 thoughts on “Sweet Home Chicago – Jay Robinson – Robert Johnson

  1. I want to demo one but no body has them in the stores yet. Would you say it’s as loud as a Pro Jr. ?

  2. That amp sounds FANTASTIC!!! Whats the verdict after having a little while? Is it a keeper? Just on your demo alone I want one, my god for $299…buy two and run them in stereo!!!!

  3. Great sound you have going. Nice and close to the ground, let’s your voice take off.

  4. Hey thanks! Signal chain is Guitar>Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo>Fender Excelsior.

  5. Mighty nice! Thanks for posting this vid. What did you use for delay / reverb on the guitar, and was there anything else in the signal path?  It sounds really sweet! Take care & God Bless.

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