Rippln Invites: Text your info to 317-610-9270 to join our Rippln team! 0:03 Welcome to the Rippln hangout! 0:37 Roberts Rippln team is growing at a fast pa…

5 thoughts on “Rippln Hangout with Robert Johnson, Christian Fioravanti

  1. Have any of you heard of the MLM Rippln?
    /watch?v=17zPdY-VAIU is what i’m talking about, have you started playing the game?

  2. Hey Brandon,

    Please give me a call at (916) 538-4471. I apologize. I have a large team and it is very hard to keep track of everyone. Please get in touch and we’ll get you rolling!


  3. Yo Christian, I texted you and signed up, yet you never responded or anything… Im confused. one of your vids on your channel recently. Stated that join under you and youd help any knew motivated person to get 200 people by launch.. well im willing to get this going build squeeze pages etc.. and Your not contacting me.

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