Robert Johnson (c.1580-c.1634) found steady employment providing music for the many court masques and entertainments during the Jacobean era, and became royal lutenist in the Kings "Private Musick" from 1604. This is a very simple, short but charming piece. [The photo is me 4 years old in Stockholm] ­čÖé Hope you like it… the music I mean .-) I amalso proud to announce that my arrangements, compositions and transcriptions are now available for purchasedownload at It is still growing so if you dont find a piece, it will be there soon. Please be patient… Per-Olov

24 thoughts on “Robert Johnson: Alman

  1. I love hearing this´╗┐ song:) it is very beautiful to me. I have depression and it helps to listen to something relaxing and heavenly.

  2. Problem: I have my exam of guitar and I have to play this song!! I can’t even play the firts line… wish me luck!! an BTW: good job!

  3. …I have been playing this´╗┐ song far too slow. O_o

  4. emmm esta genial es un guitarrista envidiable pero me encantaria tocarlo ami tambien eee si no fuera mucha la molestia me podria enviar unas partituras o lo que sea donde salga como tocar la piesa??? de´╗┐ antemano y no importando si su respuesta es negativa o positiva gracias.. xD

  5. One´╗┐ of my favourite pieces of music and you play it so well,

  6. The only lute version of this Alman (Alemain) on YouTube is played ‘way too fast for my liking. By contrast, there are many guitar versions of the Alman on YouTube–this is the one I like best´╗┐ (it’s most similar to the recording I have at home of Julian Bream playing the piece on the lute).

  7. Caro amigo gostaria muito de´╗┐ comprar um cd seu … Como fa├žo ????????


    Daniel Mesquita ( Brasil )

  8. Indeed one´╗┐ of the most perfect interpretations of anything on the Spanish guitar. Way cool!

  9. omg why is this my grade 6 peice? its so hard O.O
    Nice playing though´╗┐ (Y)

  10. congratulations!! very nice, master! I hope you like the video´╗┐ response that I sent him
    From Argentina, chau!

  11. I like the subtle change of tone for the voices of the repeated phrases at bars 5 & 6 and 13 & 14 the guitar can do this with a bit´╗┐ of technique ….well played Peo.

  12. Damn I like this song………Heads up if any one wants this celltone I found it a bit ago at GetAllTones . com ***********´╗┐

  13. maybe a little fast,don’t you think? it’s really nice,by the way.´╗┐

  14. Me too! It’s a reat tune. Thanks for increasing the number of views and comments on my music!´╗┐

  15. Hi! Thanks a lot! I am happy to hear you play´╗┐ this too! Good luck!
    Kind regards,

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