Robert Lockwood Jr telling stories about him and robert johnson and reveling a song never recorded by johnson.enjoy!

24 thoughts on “Robert Johnson (30th song never recorded,Mr. Downchild)

  1. of course David Honeyboy Edwards would claim ownership of it. Johnson recorded it first. There isn’t any evidence that Edwards wrote it to my knowledge…

  2. According to his autobiography, Sweet Home Chicago was written by David Honeyboy Edwards, who also happened to be with Robert Johnson the night he died from drinking poisoned whiskey.

  3. the legendary johnny shines in the video too robert johnson do write this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sonny boy williamson released this song on some chess cuts and he traveled whit robert johnson too

  5. can anyone tell me if itunes has this track yet?please write back!

  6. As a musician myself, I have many songs that I have written but don’t feel strongly enough about recording… I’m sure Robert had plenty of songs.. Maybe Robert Jr. Learned some of these tunes… Not as far fetched as one would think. Robert Jr. Was Mr. Johnsons Step-Son after all..

  7. Port Chicago was a significant source of employment military munitions and naval base, scene of tragic explosion/mutiny and more The song is about Port Chicago. Many blues singers were aware of this despite the fact that it is often thought of and sung about and understood as though it’s the "Other Chicago" more so of course the commercial and thriving hub of post delta electric blues and killing floors and all the rest

  8. Thanks for sharing that Robert Johnson changed and influenced the blues like no other

  9. Mr Downchild was recorded for Chess Records in the late ’50s/early ’60s by Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) who used to do a radio show, the King Biscuit Time, advertising flour, with Robert Jr Lockwood on guitar, in the 1940s. There are other Robert Johnson songs recorded by Lockwood later: Little Boy Blue, and Take A Little Walk With Me.
    This was really nice, thank you so much for posting it

  10. mooloo.. "1" musical theatre started in europe frenchy… "2" Since America is the home of the blues I think that makes you the unqualified one…

  11. My girlfriend studied history of african-american music in XXth century, she used to live in Chicago, Nashville and New-Orleans. She told me many times that it actually was a metaphor. If it is not the case, can you tell me why most of singers who took back this song corrected this "mistake" by modifying the lyrics? (excuse me if my english is not correct)

  12. the most of blues fans in Japan including believe that "Chicago" means Port Chicago in California. It seems that his cousin was in there. So I agree this. But not a few still thinks it metaphor.

  13. Plus: someone who comes from a country which like MUSICALS should not be allowed to say one word about music. Someone who comes from a country which elected TWICE G.W.Bush-the worst idiot in mankind history-should not be allowed to say one word about anything! Donc, ferme-la sale plouc!

  14. 1-Don’t be rude! 2-Don’t call me "Frenchy" 3-I made reference to the song when RJ says:"Back to the land of California,
    To my Sweet Home Chicago." It’s ot a mistake!

  15. Poor man. You understand nothing in the poetry. I am French and I understand RJ better than you. In the language of bluesmen, Chicago represents the state of the wealth and oportunities as California for the gold-diggers. It is a metaphor! Excuse me for my poor english

  16. Thanks to Ruotze for lettin me know about this,..
    Great footage!

  17. The song is a testament to the fact that education sucked back then. Poor RJ thought that Chitown was in CA. It’s cool, though.

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