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  1. And what about "Tommy Johnson" from the 1920’s LOL i can’t get over the uneducated comment’s on google. on any subject i could never keep up with correcting everyone.. so many brainless people.

  2. What about "LONNIE JOHNSON" Blues Guitar Hero in the 1930’s ?

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  6. Interesting thing to point out is in the picture of Robert Johnson holding the guitar when hes got the hat and suit on look at the right of him, anybody notice the nasty looking face? Once you notice it then it’s hard not to afterwards, teeth seem to end on the tuning pegs

  7. its a kalamazoo……made by gibson , in kalamazoo…….but you´d never know, there are no gibson markings…. i should know , i used to have one!!!

  8. The man who "supposedly" sold his soul to the devil. No one really knows for sure and we probably never will….

  9. because any picture of a black guy (possibly with a guitar) from before 1940 is Robert Johnson…

  10. Some people must think that there was only one black bluesman at that time ;D

  11. In regards to intooblv’s comment;

    Yeah, there are only 2 photos of Johnson that are still around…

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