I first heard Four Until Late sung by Eric Clapton on the Fresh Cream album. It was one of the first songs I learned on guitar, and some of the misheard lyrics I still sing, such as She made so many men wear apron overalls. Robert Johnson, of course, was the author of the song (although clearly influenced by Blind Blakes Georgia Bound- see my video). In 1937, he travelled to Dallas, Texas, for his second and final recording session in a makeshift studio at the Brunswick Record Building, 508 Park Avenue. He recorded this song on 19 June 1937. It goes without saying that Johnson was one of the most influential blues singers in history. Wikipedia has a substantial profile on him. There are only two photos of Johnson that I know of, and I have used these and others to make a slideshow video. Comments are welcome.

17 thoughts on “FOUR UNTIL LATE (1937) by Robert Johnson

  1. In the backroads of mississippi where the darkness touches your skin, the river runs and the heat descends again. I’ll see you there with a smile and some bane, its a lane huh, isn’t it.

  2. Usually videos with thousands of hits have some dislikes. Most of the RJ vids I’ve looked at are all green with likes. Very nice and good to see!

  3. Not sure about the actual lyrics, so I googled it and got the following:
    "It cause so many men wear an apron overhaul".
    But who knows? I kind of like ‘apron overalls" and will continue to sing that!
    What does everyone else think it is?.

  4. YOU SAID MISHEARD LYRIC, ‘apron overall".
    I thought that is tha right lyric.
    If not, what is the right lyric ???

  5. Actually it is fol in the original meaning of the word. The hippie era genre just stole the name

  6. My dad is a blues musician and he was playing this today

  7. Is that Folk? I don´t like Folk very much but THAT IS JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. what a pure voice..great Robert! Thanks for post….

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