Rolling Stones, Angie

16 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Angie (HQ)

  1. Wow, who’s the girl in the video photo? She’s almost perfect!

  2. tak ten cudowny utwór królował na wszystkich dyskotekach i prywatkach i…. czekały na niego wszystkie zakochane pary,.. myślę że nie jedne wyznania wtedy płynęły szeptane do ucha w półmroku i działo się wiele wiele…. 🙂

  3. Her (the woman in the picture) name is Petra Němcová. She’s a natural beauty alright – although these days she is messing her natural good looks with too much makeup and all that cosmetics crap – you can find earlier pictures (like the one in the the video) of her, though.

  4. If this song was named Sierra it would be perfect to listen to for me, it wouldn’t sound as good it would just match my thoughts… every line of lyrics is on the spot.. he sang through soul and heart.

  5. The stones just wouldn’t be what they are and what people love if ANY band member where to be gone.

  6. that coming from a guy who said that bieber would be better than mick jagger in the stones 

  7. that’s the most utterly stupid thing I have ever heard in my life the stones with bieber at the lead vocals would sound like a whiny pre-puberty child talking about brown sugar and beast of burden, sympathy for the devil lol that is so ridiculous

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