Part 2. The Rolling Stones join Radio 2s Jo Whiley and Huey Morgan to talk about their 50th anniversary tour, fatherhood and the importance of the Blues to their music.

7 thoughts on “Rolling Stones on Radio 2 – Mick, Keith & Ronnie Talk about their 50th Anniversary Tour

  1. Really absorbing, I could listen to Keith all day. Nine days to go, ha ha ha.

  2. I like Ronnie & Keith very very much (^з^)-☆
    I want to see Stones member some day ★☆★!
    Very Cheers,Stones Friend (^-^)/

  3. I could listen to Keith all day, he’s amazing, the headmaster talking to the pupils. The blues….the stones imported it from America, repackaged it, and exported it back to them, and they loved it, now is that not clever, ha ha ha

  4. Diary of Napoleon…amazing…
    Bravo Keith
    People scared of blues…ha ha
    Ronnie drink tea?
    Thank you very much Steve

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