www.facebook.com The Rolling Stones – Black And Blue (1976) Re Uploading September 23, 2012 Track Listing 01 00:00 "Hot Stuff" 02 05:20 "Hand of Fate" 03 09:46 "Cherry Oh Baby" 04 13:40 "Memory Motel" 05 20:46 "Hey Negrita" 06 25:42 "Melody" 07 31:29 "Fool to Cry" 08 36:33 "Crazy Mama" All Music Review (Rating: 35) www.allmusic.com Wiki en.wikipedia.org RateYourMusic (Rating: 3.345) rateyourmusic.com

22 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – Black And Blue (1976) Full Album

  1. Me & my brothers favorite Stones album.

    We were blasting this album when the blackout happened in NYC Summer 1977.

    We were playing Crazy Mama when the lights went out.

    What great memories !!!!

  2. I luv it- underrated, underplayed, undervalued, under appreciated,, under west coast promotion, underbelly, undercut, underplayed, under estimated, under the sign of the Mr D.
    Critics are like eunuchs …………………………………they know what to do but caint do it!!

  3. Keith and harvey mandell play the Guitars, I believe. The only salvation for this song is micks add libing at the end

  4. Mick’s Disco mess "Hot Stuff" can be summed up via the off key string bend Ronnie gives us occuring at 1:09. Crap.

  5. I own Exile on Main Street and Tattoo You (and yes they’re both fantastic but I still like Black And Blue better). And what I said about Black And Blue being the best Stones album wasn’t some fact I got off a top 7 Stones albums list or whatever. It’s just my personal opinion.

  6. UM, glad you liked it but sorry it is not even in their top 5 efforts! So let’s recap OK? 1- EXILE ON MAIN STREET 2- GET YER YA YAS OUT 3- STICKY FINGERS 4- HOT ROCKS 5- LOVE YOU LIVE 6- EMOTIONAL RESCUE 7-Tatoo You and so on! As you can see "Black And Blue" will dwell as a sub par RS effort regardless of how much hype one attempts to attach to it!

  7. Memory Motel, Hand Of Fate, Hey Negrita and Melody make this the best Stones album ever.

  8. Another excellent record by The Stones, the only clunker being Cherry Oh Baby

  9. ‘fraid I don’t agree, sir! (or madam?) I love the organ track, and the general vibe – Mick’s ballads aren’t often heartfelt, but this one is about as close as you could get.

  10. After looking at Ron Wood, I have one answer: that’s why they didn’t hire Wayne Perkins.

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