Yesterday I retuned my 6-string Seagull to open-G tuning (D, G, D, g, b, d). I just dawned on me that I have never tried to retune my guitars to that tuning, ever!!! Here is a little lick I came up with today. It may be a little sloppy yet, but, Ill get better…..Lol! I will probably try to invest in a resonator guitar in the near future.

24 thoughts on “Slide Guitar Improvisation (Open-G)

  1. Sounded pretty damn good to me! I just bought a slide and tuned my Gretsch 5120 to Open G. Played´╗┐ around a little yesterday…it’s a lot of fun!

  2. Never. I have had my seagulls for´╗┐ 5 yrs now. And no problem with that. I haven’t heard people complain about the Seagulls at all. Maybe you got a bad apple from the factory?

  3. i have the same guitar. my neck warped on it though. have you had´╗┐ any issues with yours?

  4. cool approach, you have an interesting way of playing,´╗┐ I like it

  5. Cool man. I dig that tone your gettin out of that acoustic! ´╗┐ Keep up the good work bro!

  6. i just love your impro, earlier today i´╗┐ tuned to open g aswell, found your video and got so much inspiration from it;) great job

  7. good playin man. love´╗┐ the guitar, i was thinkin about gettin one like that.

    and you make faces like just like me lol haha

  8. tips: dont play with a pick, and play with your fingers pressed lightly on the strings behind the´╗┐ slide

  9. I like that tuning, nice and warm with just enough´╗┐ 3rd. I’d be interested in any others you’ve tried (and maybe you already have videos) besides open D and G

  10. sounds great, is that seagull a good guitar?´╗┐ i’m thinking too buy a seagull too

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