This is the song If You Need Me from the Rolling Stones EP "The Rolling Stones". Im not sure on when this came out, but this record is a special 2013 Recor…

2 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones-If You Need Me off of The Rolling Stones 45 EP (Abkco) vinyl

  1. I found this one just floating on their "new releases" shelf, nabbed it for 10 bucks. It already had the center hole punched out (wish it had come with one still in the center hole!). Nice to hear you got those records! Those are some good ones! I need to make a new vinyl update video, because my store had a special "two dollar sidewalk sale" and I ended up getting some 30 plus LPs.

  2. I totally missed this. How much was it? Did it come with the center hole punched out already? I got the Red Tame Impala EP and Something Else by the Kinks on the red Pye label…so was a great day for me.

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