The Rolling Stones and special guest Katy Perry perform Beast Of Burden at the Las Vegas MGM Garden Arena. The song was voted for by fans through http:ww…

17 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones & Katy Perry – Beast Of Burden – Live – By Request

  1. si las escribe como toca flauta, me imagino lo talentosa que es :P//If he writes them since touches flute, I imagine it talented that it is:P

  2. at the end of the song, Keef is like… oh boy, finally she ended to sing

  3. no tengo nada contra katy perry, pero definitivamente veo el video por la bobis y por los Rolling Stones

  4. People voted for the song they most wanted to hear, that’s great, but what most wouldn’t have wanted to hear was Katy Perry strangling a portion of it.

  5. lady gaga singing with the stones >>>>> katy perry singing with the stones

  6. stones best band ever! katy, totally godess.

  7. 0:00 through 1:40 enjoy… you’re welcome

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