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17 thoughts on “How To Solo – Blues Arpeggios – Guitar Lesson – Improvising

  1. awesome as usual !
    keep ’em coming papa stache , love the sound ,love your teaching style,

  2. @matt p what kind of arrogant statement was that? Gheez

  3. Yes its extremely annoying when you see the foetus guitar heroes considering I’ve been playing for nearly 30 years.

  4. I dont always like your playing but you were on the money today Stash!

  5. Hey Marty I thought son of sam was locked up.Where did you get this guy from?

  6. great stuff; thanks. couldn’t get the link for the ebook.

  7. I don’t know there’s something about John Mayer that I just can’t stand. he’s pretty good on guitar but…,………. I dig Papa stash much more

  8. Lads there are more than enough sweeping guides on you tube. Papa stash would only repeat other teachers

  9. Check out S.W.A.T. Blues – Carl Verheyen – Guitar Lessons – Introduction
    Search the tube for it great stuff…on the TrueFire

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