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22 thoughts on “Blues Soloing – Creating Pentatonic Riffs Part 2 – Guitar Lesson – Learn To Solo

  1. Papa don’t ever apologize, man. your enthusiasm and bro next door demeanor is a big part of your excellent madness. Keep calm and rock on!

  2. How someone can make this s**t so understandable so easily. Thank’s Papa!

  3. Awesome lesson!!!So many pieces that I am looking for. This is a good months worth of work for me. Thank you , thank you. You’re the best knucklehead guitar instructor on the net. I always learn great stuff.

  4. Thanks! No worries I am a clown. It is tough to not be excited when you love your job.

  5. I apologize for calling you a clown "stache", but you did come off as a little excessive there. You do know your stuff though.

  6. I respect all views and opinions on the content I post and can see how my attitude might come off as to bright for some. No worries just one guy having fun posting material that others have asked of me to be explained in further detail. Marty always has great videos and 4 other channels that provide a wealth of the type information that you may be desiring. Cheers to you on your search. Have a great day 🙂

  7. Nope. Your tone and language says Im spot on.

  8. Ah, another grammar crusader pretending correcting an opinion they disagree with equals a valid retort. Ill take a misspelled honest point of view over pretentious grammatical superiority any day.

  9. Just so that you know, it is who’s as in "who is" not whose. Most decent browsers do have a spell checker for people that don’t really know anything, I would suggest you use it.

  10. He knows his stuff but he’s irritating. Have him tone down the personality would you? Warn me when Im getting this guy instead of Marty.

  11. The person you subscribe to liked it… give it a chance. He’s actually a great player and good teacher. Much like Mr Shwartz.

  12. Oh, and what the hell is "the Stache", or is that something else equally un-worthy of attention?

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