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23 thoughts on “Blues Soloing – Creating Pentatonic Riffs – Guitar Lesson – Learn To Solo

  1. if only more people knew how good they were the song its my type of music! Oh Btw peeps use this to get this song on your ipod >>>

  2. hey, could you feature me in your channel to get my subs up please, thanks 🙂

  3. the Stache knows, chorizo…the Stache knows!! 🙂

  4. great! love the little fretting/fingering tips. thx so much

  5. Hey Brett, fantastic lesson as always. You are inspiring. Have you done any lessons on your hybrid picking technique within the pentatonics? Love the tone and the pop you get using that technique vs straight picking

  6. My Friend……You sound to me like you gettin’ a case of "The Blues" Watch the video again and Stop Hating.

  7. Jesus Christ is dead – Blues is very much alive.

  8. thank you papa stache! another awesome lesson!

  9. Great video. I’m a better guitarist now 😀

  10. That’s a great lesson, now I have a better understanding on how to incorprorate major and minor pentatonic into my playing. thank you.

  11. tony iommi is another "pentatonic legend" also…

  12. chuck berry, stevie ray vaughan, bb king, albert king, eddie van halen, otis rush, jimmy page, Hey man, just google it and look for vids on youtube. You will find lots. Check out wikipedia. Cheers from Canada!

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