www.mytwangyguitar.com This song is played in open G tuning with a capo on the fourth fret. Yes, its simple, but its a great song and fun to play. I sure miss Micks vocals.

24 thoughts on “Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones cover

  1. Hi sam- another monster lesson- have u ever met up with keef??

  2. Ohh your playing’s awesome.. I’d like to get that sound..what kind of amplifier do you use??

  3. this is a odd thing but when playing in open g his b string is usely flat to get a certain sound if you havent tried it do . oh and great great stuff .

  4. I’m a new subscriber. Glad I found your videos. They are all great!!! Thanks for all the hard work. This is especially a great cover of "Tumblin Dice" (even without Mick). I’ve searched your web site looking for the other guitar part on this over.Is it available as a video or even just a seperate audio track? Is on any or your lesson DVD’s? Thanks.. Keep the videos coming…

  5. I’m a Stones fan and this is one of my fav songs.

    Very good, very good indeed.

  6. Next to Keith Richards, you are the best lead/rhythm guitarist I have ever heard, and in my 64 years I have heard most! I am an intermediate level guitarist. I keep a stratocaster tuned to Open G and a telecaster tuned to Open E, and both within each reach. I love playing in Open G and Open E. Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Got some good taste in music bro! They don’t make ’em like this anymore! Long Live Keith! You captured it! Open G is Key! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Thanks for posting this, your videos are so great. I was wondering if you could post a video of the "lead guitar" part for Tumbling Dices. That would be grand to see the fill parts and the solo. cheers

  9. i love this cover and it is great well done. i am trying to learn it personally, can play the rhythm and some riffs but havin trouble with some parts can i get the tab if you have?

  10. Sir, you absolutely ROCK!! I wish you knew just how much your videos have helped me. One of these days I’ll upload a video of my own and send it your way. Just to show my appreciation. Thank you!

  11. you are an absolutely amazing guitar player, you actually inspired me to pick the gitty back up and open tune it to G, thx

  12. Great work man, as you are playing a Tele any thoughts on the 60th Ann. Tele’s?

  13. i only recently started listening to this band much at all – interesting how they sort of blend the rhythm and lead guitar parts so well, sometimes blurring the line between the two

  14. Too bad Richards can’t duplicate this live. Great in a studio though

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