Part Two of a series on Vintage Sounds with Shawn Kellerman, vintage guitars and Red Plate Amps. Part 2 focused on Slide Guitar in Open G Tuning. See Part One for a full overview of Shawns White Lightening Amplifier and Red Plate Amps. Upcoming episodes have various themes from; guitar highlights, achieving vintage tones, and sounding like blues greats such as Albert Collins and Albert King.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Sounds Part 2 /8 Slide in Open G Tuning

  1. maybe he’s scared of damaging the guitar by cleaning it

  2. perhaps he treats it like crap and theres no point cleaning it – kinda like jack white (refer to the dvd it might get loud if you don’t know how badly he treats his stuff!)

  3. Love your work Rocky glad to have you back…one thing why doesn’t this dude clean his guitar??

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