18 thoughts on “Eric Clapton Sessions For Robert Johnson Pt 2

  1. no i ain’t saying that all white people can’t play the blues i’m just saying that eric cant play it next time before you write something down try to understand the piont you moron

  2. White boys cant play the blues then?????? Racist Prick.. Whats colour got to do with anything…….

  3. You had to look up who Eric Clapton is? Wow. I don’t think that’s an insult to him. Much more an insult to you…

  4. Robert Johnson nvre pleyed rack a bily or blugras coz he was fram the delta rack a bily an blugras cum from appalacia an the rockies. And anuthr think is Eric Clapton culd nerver pley punk coz he cant not pley fust enuff. And all of thise peple probly dont not like hime coz he triying to seng lika a nergo. Blus music is sick herted music is ok fer helf huor.

  5. I’m not sure. I think a guitarist is in his prime approx 25 to 50. From the age of 60 the fingers tend to lose speed and dexterity; there’s a chance of arthritis too.
    Clapton was a few days from his 23rd birthday when Cream recorded their famous version of Crossroads at Winterland Ballroom, but I doubt that Clapton could play with that intensity today. Clapton’s still one of the best, but after 60 a blues guitarist is more about feeling than speed or dexterity, which is needed to copy Johnson.

  6. Cclose, but no soul in this Mr. Clapton. Sorry for the delay, but I had to look up who YOU actually were.

  7. get a life man color dont matter blues is for everybody1953 streeky o and clapton will always be god

  8. keep in mind that Robert Johnson was only 27 years old when he played those infamous songs that a seasoned 63 year old Eric Clapton has a very hard time trying to cover. This just reinforces the proposition that Robert Johnson had some god like talent.

  9. The guitar was an extension of Johnson. Hendrix was the same way–seemingly effortless playing, Eric is great, but he’d readily admit he’s not in either’s league.

  10. Love seeing EC’s videos. For a second, i think all the "Eric is god" are directed to me.

  11. I DO PLAY… 30 years now & I get what Jaclyn is trying to get at. Listen i have always said that Race is just a jacket. THAT really has nothing to do with it. The fact that the majority of folks that lived this culture & absorbed the sounds & techniques WERE of a Black Culture down south IS. It’s truly NOT an insult,Clapton is a TRULY fine guitarist,it was like when Hendrix arrived on the scene,he was raised around his folks playin’ these records, felt the floor movin’ when they’d be dancing.

  12. Guess Ec didnt sell his soul to the devil ! Lucky for him !!

  13. @lapat202 Let me hear your version and i’ll tell you what you feel in your bones. People are so silly. Do you even play? you might know how hard this is to play. Tell ya what. Go Buy a book that shows you how and i’ll come back here in 15 yrs. and we’ll listen to what you got. It’ll take ya that long.

  14. Let me hear your version and i’ll tell you what you feel in your bones.

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