24 thoughts on “Walkin’ Blues (Eric Clapton; Robert Johnson)

  1. Excelente versión felicitaciones!!!

  2. Ver nice. Do you do more of Robert Johnson’s stuff?

  3. muy bien tocado! felicitaciones desde Argentina!

  4. Of course you can, have to start somewhere! It´s the right feeling which can´t be tabbed

  5. I really liked this a lot, nice and fluid. Great job!!

  6. gva128, all I can say is awesome!!! Really nice slide work, What axe you playing on this?

  7. Awesome cover. 🙂
    U should try it was a metal slide instead tho, i think it would sound better. 🙂

  8. the great thing about this song is that you havent be able to sing to perform it

    but seriously good job

  9. Good job dude i know its gotta be tricky to play that and sing at the same time but you pulled it off keep up the good work

  10. Nice job…I have to get a slide bar now !!

  11. Hey, thank you my friend, that’s a Open G!

  12. Hey, you’re great. Just one question. How do you tune your guitar?

  13. Hey, great job, man! Guitar and singing both sounded sharp! Keep it up. Do you really have the blues?

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