Lonesome Atlanta Blues by Bobby Grant….. (12)Im (10)so (7)lone(7)some, (7)Im (5)so (3)lone(0)some….. (7)hear (5)me (3)cryin (0), (7)Ba(7)by (5)I (0)aint (3)lyin (0)….. (12)Im (10)so (7)lone(7)some, (0)I (7)got( 7)that (5)lone(0)some (3)Atlanta (0) Blues (0)….. Little lick 4th string 3…3…3-2…0…first string 12….. (0)Im (0)so (10)sad (10)and (7)lone(7)some, (5)Ma (4)ma (5)dont (6)know (7)what (3)to (0)do….. Repeat little lick….. note: all notes first string with bottleneck, except little lick played on fourth string. Open D Tuning strings 6 to 1 DADf#ad "Buy It Now" Auction Go to Ebay: Search: Keni Lee If there is no active auction please contact me. ***VIDEO LESSON SERIES 1 VESTAPOL TUNING OPEN D and E CIGAR BOX GUITAR LESSONS INCLUDED CD PLAYS ON YOUR COMPUTER & CONTAINS SHEET MUSIC FILE BOTTLENECK SLIDE GUITAR is based on an early one string folk instrument called the Diddley-Bow, and the traditional playing style of Hawaiian Guitar. The early Blues Masters of the 1920s and 30s, would place a bottleneck from a wine bottle, or a short piece of metal pipe on their finger. Using this as a slide, they could move up and down along the strings of a guitar imitating singing or the cries and moans of the human voice. This style uses an early method of tuning the guitar called open tuning, that is also used to play banjo. The guitar is tuned to a D or E chord, that actually makes it easier to learn music theory. The course starts with learning to play <b>…<b>

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  1. Thank you for your comment. I was referring to the fact that I was going to explain the tuning. Basically the 3 strings you are playing 6,4,and 1 are all tuned to the same D note. The other three notes are 5 – A, 3 – F#, 2 – A This makes up open D tuning. Back in the day, using their ear, players tuned to whatever sounded pretty. It is not necessary to be in concert pitch A = 440 Hz. Enjoy

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  7. Hello, Do you know how to play the Bob Dylan´s versión of "In my time of dying"? I´ll be very grateful if you bring some light to me with that song.

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  10. I really got a kick out of this vid. not sure y but I did!! Maybe cuz it was quirky and unpretentious…..??? Buy cool nonetheless.

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  12. wow its easy, you can just find it out by ear, the difference in the positions is 1 -2 frets max… just search a little and try to memorize the new shape…

  13. Thank you for your interest and question. Please consider purchasing my instructional video CD 1 by visiting ebay and searching: keni lee Not only will you learn songs, but you will better understand the fingerboard and learn how to figure out songs and make your own arrangements. Additionally, you can feel free to write if any questions arise as you work through the lessons. Enjoy.

  14. man how can i play a pentatonic scale .. or any other scale .. on this tuning…..need a help.

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