Pandit Barun Kumar Pal in concert with Subhajyoti Guha on tabla, at Badenweiler on 14th May,2008.

12 thoughts on “Raga Suraranjini on Indian Slide Guitar (Hansaveena)

  1. wowp I liked it. beautiful raga. A bit of western touch in gamaka

  2. i feel like this is about to bust into a Led Zeppelin tune

  3. wow recorded live with condenser microphones…sounds awesome…

  4. ha its no ragga its the blues…

  5. Is this raga Suraranjini or Sivaranjini?I couldn’t find any information on raga Suraranjini.This raga is beautiful.Please tell me what it really is.Thank you…..

  6. Thia is a masterpiece, will treasure for life. If this kind of music is not in heaven, I am not going there.

  7. What taal are they using? Sounds like Teental.

  8. Wonderful video! Thank you. Please upload more like it.

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