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18 thoughts on “Robert Johnson – Love In Vain – JazzAndBluesExperience

  1. This man was 100{10faa3092bae83cdf963b1ab1025701434ba1e012413cb9c0c72be0a479389c3} styyyyleeeee! And I could not help but cry!!!

  2. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. He promised that He will return, but not in 2012. Seek JESUS CHRIST while He may be found.

  3. Love hearing this song, along with "Hellhound On my Trail".

  4. (Chuckle) "The Circle Of Music" – In the last two and a bit hours I’ve gone from starting with the Rolling Stones version of this too now having just listened to the original version again! Let me see, in between I’ve listened too Jimi, some Led Zep, The Black Keys, Big Mama Thornton, Cream, Muse, Black Sabbath, John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, Muddy Waters etc. All I did was pick a song listed beside when one finished and ended up seeing "Love In Vain" again! That is why I love music…

  5. Seriously listen to this song. Man, it’s a guy watching his woman leave his life! The song is so brimming with pain that I get choked up when I hear it!

  6. Dear Youtube, there appears to be a dislike button in this video. Please remove it.

  7. obviously the rock n roll artists discovered him.

  8. rock wouldn’t exist if it were not for the blues, all thanks go to the blues artist. not the other way around.

  9. Listen to Blind Willie Johnson if you haven’t already, he was a contemporary of Johnson’s and is even more underrated. The dude’s vocal style is crazy, Howlin Wolf doesn’t even compare to him. Dude sounds evil but he sings about Jesus (I myself am an agnostic but I love the dude’s music).

  10. this is better than rock n roll; and still only 10k views 🙁

  11. This man could probably be called the Grandfather or Great-Grandfather of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  12. True enough. He was a huge influence on the Rolling Stones too.

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