Many people have been asking me to do a lesson on Bad Blues, a slow bluesinstrumental I recorded in the past. So here it is. Its based on the playing of Bab…

25 thoughts on “Slow Blues in E – Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson – Bad Blues Part 1 – TABLATURE available

  1. Read the video description above; there’s a link to my website where everything is explained.
    which scale…good question, maybe it’s time for me to learn scales as I never did neither did Lightnin’ Hopkins or any other bluesmen I guess. Those guys learned from watching other players and that’s what I did all my life…I learned songs and got a bag of tricks…

  2. Hey! nice blues. how do i get the tab? Im not good at computers :(. By the way, i cant figure in which scale is this tune. Would you mind telling me? 🙂

  3. Howdy! I’ve recently built a TV/Guitar I call the "Guitelevision" and would love some guitarist’s feedback. My demo video is called "Guitelevision" – /watch?v=2BwKTsJ0Td0 (First up if you search it) Many thanks!

  4. for blues thumb, index and middle are enough
    for more intricate fingerstyle arrangements I use my ring finger when necessary but not often

  5. thank you for the video, it is good blues

  6. Great playing!!! As long as the hands aren’t totally blocking the fingers, I prefer watching to learn vs reading tab. Plus your ears tell you most. I’m not a great player by any stretch, but I never could understand why people need to know up and down strums when it’s probably the most obvious thing possible to the ear. Getting all the theory down…..but now need to actually play!!!! LOL Damn Arthritis!!!

  7. I have a Tangleweed TW73 parlour guitar and I really love it, I play it more than my other 2 Tanglewood acoustics although they are both fine instruments too.

    The short neck parlour guitar tends to be disdained in favour of longer neck or cutaway instruments allowing access to higher frets. But ask yourself how often you play your acoustic above the 12th fret? Great balance, great playability, great tone-parlour guitars are great.

  8. Really nice from you to take time to teach us!! Thanks a lot!!

  9. You’ve definitely changed my plinking to playing thanks a million

  10. good pickin bud, just worked the night shift and listened to this. nothing like the blues for a cure.

  11. Where did you find the guitar with the somewhat ‘wider’ fretboard and overall smaller size.

    Great honky sound, (not taking anything away from your playing to make it sound so good).

  12. your very talented Daddystovepipe? Are you the reincarnation of Big Big Broonzy. Simmer down some stove pipe, your boiling over your brim.

  13. it takes alot of time to tab songs. 7.5 euros for an individual is nothing.

  14. I have a flamenco web site and have many free tabs on it, which I have created over the years. There is a guy in Spain who took my tabs and sells them for 6 Euros each. I guess people would rather pay than have the same thing for free! He is nice enough to retain my name on the music! 🙂

  15. I’ve been going strong about 3 weeks learning this style, my fingers hurt…

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