16 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

  1. As many as the years that Keith Richards will walk on this planet…way too many to be precise :).

  2. How many great opening riffs has this band got? 30? This is rock n roll perfection.

  3. You are absolutely correct in that he is not in fact dead. I was sure i had read something to the effect that he had died from a heroin overdose. Perhaps he only looked dead and decided to return to Welwyn Garden City which is very similar in many ways to being dead. My humblest apologies.

  4. Finally, an educated person in the comments!

  5. yes because us wondering how many people die a day helps us solve problems

  6. lol africa doesn t have video games, africa doesn t have water, africa doesn t have food. AFRICA HAS NOTHING SO STFU!

  7. I guess you failed biology in highschool.

  8. Right im’a goin for tom comment,

  9. LOL

    calls out other youtube commenter for being ignorant

    thinks most of the rolling stones are dead

  10. I don’t think you need "shoot ’em up" games in Africa, in most countries you have the REAL thing!

  11. You disgrace my family and children! Back in my country the village elder put curse on you! By the god of river and dirt I command a 40 year drought on you!

  12. no, not at all. yes its a great song but come on definitly not in all of rockn roll

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