Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – performance from his video "Slide Guitar For Rock & Blues"

21 thoughts on “Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – Black Cat Bone

  1. jimi was awesome but he could not do that, like it or not, this is music not a competition.

  2. How does he manage to get that SAME tone, no matter what guitar he picks up?

  3. The 8 black cats don’t like this song

  4. There’s no argument. Greatness is greatness. But Hendrix had a far wider blues musical vocabulary and imagination. Hendrix’s major influence was The Beatles and their British approach which was far more advanced and ecclectic.

  5. Me too. Everybody knows it`s Billy Gibbons who`s the best…..

  6. a guitar master is some one who can play all string instrument and make it sound wonderful.
    in my opinion…

  7. jimi was an innovator he took other peoples stuff and made it better… alot of blues players said he was the best bluesman around

  8. Man, I’m so glad i accidently found this video. Why are great blues guitarists like Roy so underrated. I have a new idol!

  9. It’s open E, not D. Surprised 9 people gave that thumbs up without even trying to play it…

  10. Amazing playing… i usually try to work out what a guitarist’s doing during a solo, but i don’t stand a chance here. I just grinned and realised he’s chanelling awesomeness.

  11. I understand what you are saying, but back in 67′ when I first heard Hendrix I was gobsmacked at the sound and technique he was basically pioneering, even though it was the sixties all the music before Hendrix was fairly safe, he changed all that.

  12. He’s Amazing! and with his background I’m not surprised. Not only has he played with the best he has become the best.

  13. id take rog rogers over jimmi hendrix just personal preference. i appreaciate jimi guitar playing but i just never got the whole hype.

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