Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – performance from his video "Slide Guitar For Rock & Blues"

22 thoughts on “Roy Rogers (slide guitar) – Outro Slide Instrumental

  1. This guy is a monster at playing the slide!


  3. Remember there are two guitars playing there

  4. Roy Rogers’ playing connects jump blues, jazz, one piece! He’s a living historian of styles.

  5. That ain’t rape, that’s makin’ sweet sweet love, buddy!

  6. this guy is amazing I’m so happy i found him today.

  7. Arrest the man, for he has raped many a guitar.

  8. Out of sight man……………….WOW!

  9. Open E with a capo at the third fret. That’s the tuning I play in as well!

  10. Truly a "Guitar God". & one of the most down to earth people I ever met, I have had the "JOY", OF SEEING HIM 5 XS, TWICE WITH THE "LATE GTREAT NORTON BUFFALLO, TALK ABOUTA MOST ENJOYBLE & REMARKABLE GIG! THEY PLAYED 4 HR SET!

  11. SHURE???.. let me watch some stevie ray vaughan videos.

  12. AWSOME this guy have blues soul for sure !!!

  13. AWSOME this guy have blues soul for sure

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