This is my attempt at a cover of the song by Dire Straits from their début album, Dire Straits, which was released in 1978. If you want to hear the real thing, then its easy to find on Amazon or elsewhere. Im playing a Tanglewood electro-acoustic guitar in open D, Hohner harmonica in C played cross harp in G, using a Blue Snowball mic, Vox DA5 amp set with a little reverb, Boss RC3 looper, Audacity for multi-tracking, an old baking tin and brush for percussion, home-made peanut butter and chilli biscuits for nutrition, and, once again, warm slippers (is this really summer). The paintings are by Edvard Munch (1863-1944) whose distressing pictures seemed rather apt for this piece of music. These pictures are everywhere on the internet. Posters and reproductions are widely available. Just search for Edvard Munch on Google Shopping.

One thought on “Six blade knife – acoustic cover version on slide guitar and harmonica

  1. Phil – absolutely fantastic! If I could give it more than one "like" I would. Really great!

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