Improvising using a Fender 67 Custom Shop Tele.

11 thoughts on “Slide guitar in open G tuning-Easter Sessions.

  1. Thanks a lot Russ,remember for slide use heavier gauge strings,say .011’s or .012’s and raise them higher than normal and you also play to the fret wire not on frets as in normal playing,good luck mate.

  2. awesme bruv` just started using open g – this vid is a big incentive, thank you.

  3. Cheers George…much appreciated mate!

  4. great stuff davie, will keep this for refrence, need to work on my slide tec. cheers tam

  5. Nice Tele, love the tone on those pups man

  6. Excellently played Davie, great slide work.

  7. Yeah….Open G….Slide….waaaaaaaw*********

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