Slide guitar blues played on Gibson Les Paul Platinum

25 thoughts on “Slide Guitar

  1. i think hes in open g but i could be (and probably am) wrong

  2. What scale and tuning are you playing in and using?

  3. Woaw. I’m really impressed. Keep up the great work. I’ll aspire to be as half as good you one day. Digging the tone.

  4. I took my first slide guitar lesson and am hacking my way through chords. Teaching those chords a lesson and keeping dogs away from my yard simultaneously!

    Mom and Dad are sending out the Dobro. Maybe now I can instill my *own* comas 😉

    After all this time, I still like this video. Thanks!

  5. Really, really nice, and I love the camera perspective, how’d you do that?

  6. mmmmm delta blues slide always sounds better on acoustic, electric is too metal too hard of a sound not enough soul

  7. great! although a little less chorus wouldn’t be a bad idea

  8. brilliant you must have more like this could listen allday to it well done and thanks

  9. doesnt get old, you have this and/or more like it available as Mp3’s?

  10. alright, thx… i actually dont like open E when i tune to it i feel like i’m gonna break my strings… so i guess i culd just tune to open D and play everything a step higher..

    btw, that was really good! love the distortion…

  11. Sorry - I listened to that again – its in open E.

  12. this i little red rooster whit canned heat..

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