The Stone Foxes perform a song at The Independent in San Francisco California on April 25th 2009.

19 thoughts on “The Stone Foxes – "I Killed Robert Johnson"

  1. one year later and they have had a lot more exposure luckily!

  2. It never left. Guess you just weren’t paying attention…?

  3. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Why aren’t they mainstream again?

  4. No. Its slash old riff from song beggars and hangers….: )

  5. It’s bands like Stone Foxes, Sheepdogs and more that keep my faith in R&R!!!

  6. 6,000 views. No I am afraid good music is dead as far as mainstream goes.

  7. the parlor mob, the brew, rival sons, back door slam, check out getyourmusicnoticed there a youtube channel that feature undergound bands like the stone foxes

  8. it’s been around but it just became popular when some really great musicians and bands started to bring it back. Like Jack White and the Black key and the Black angels! it’s a revival of great music that started a while ago.

  9. im sorry, but is great music finally coming back?!

  10. sorta – they aren’t intact. the singer of this song isn’t in the band anymore! it’s tragic

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